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Tip Of The Week

Heads-up base running will give your team an important edge when the scores are low. Be sure you have 1st and 3rd base coaches that stay in communication with the runners and pay attention to the field for opportunities to run. Keep an eye open for balls in play that are across the field from you, and if you're running to a base that's even further away from the ball, go for it!

Midseason Charity Party Announced

by Chris Hutchings

Our three-headed team of Social and Charity board members have been hard at work whipping up a bevy of soiree plans for the mid season party on TUESDAY, March 21st at 8:00pm. The mid-season party will take place at Brennanís, and includes some free food and drinks. Non-WAKA guests are more than welcome to come for a minor $5 entrance fee (proceeds go to a free domestic draft beer and our charity), but please RSVP if you’re planning to come. We have a bunch of great activities planned, including music on the patio and Dogtown’s first flip-cup tournament! Please RSVP yourself and any guests as well as any advance flip-cup teams at

Our charity this season is Girls On The Run, Southern California. They are a charity whose objective is to reduce the display of at-risk behaviors among their participants (including teen pregnancies, eating disorders, substance abuse, and depression) by providing girls with tools and encouragement to make healthy decisions and form healthy self-images. It's a great program that supports kids in our area!

We need to reiterate that this party takes place on a Tuesday. This is not a game night, but wear a WAKA shirt anyway to show solidarity. We will have a portion of the patio for our private use. It's going to be a great time. Don't forget to RSVP! If you need a flyer to help remind you, you can find it here. For more information about the party and a detailed description of Flip-Cup, check out the latest Ghost Man On Third.

What the Heck's Going On with the Standings?

by Chris Hutchings

If you check the standings bracket first thing Thursday morning to see how the games shook out on Wednesday night, you should check them again. There has been a bit of movement since then and this is a perfect time to illustrate how forfeits work duing the regular season.

First of all, there's two types of forfeits. There's a forfeit and then there's a paper forfeit. A forfeit happens when your team does not produce enough players by game time to play a game (that would be at least 4 women and 4 men by 15 minutes after the scheduled game time). You can also get a forfeit from unsportsmanlike conduct that results in a game being cancelled. (But we hope to never see that, right?) A regular forfeit results in a loss for that week's game. So, in addition to getting a negative one for the forfeit, you also get zero points for the loss, with a net result of negative one points in the standings. So for example, if a team had to forfeit week one, they would actually have negative points in the standings until they won or tied. If they won, they would have one point. If they tied they'd have zero.

The other kind of forfeit is called a "paper" forfeit and this is handed out for a few different reasons, but primarily for not producing an ump when your team is scheduled to do so. A paper forfeit does NOT result in a loss for the week's game, it's just a negative one mark against your standings score. Your game that week still factors in normally.

This last week, the McCool Town JV Knockers did not produce an umpire for the 7:00pm game. This resulted in a paper forfeit. Greenorhea assumed (in error - and that includes myself and I should know these rules!) that this meant the Knockers had already lost their game. This was not the case. It turns out that the Knockers outright schooled the Greenies in what they thought was an honor game, 6-2. So in the standings, Greenorhea is unchanged and the knockers are plus one.

But this is a good time to point out another important rule. Never sub in an unregistered player to escape a forfeit. Doing so will not only result in the forfeit, your team will also be excused from the play-offs. Remember, standings or not, every team will make the playoffs, there's no reason to cheat. (There's also no reason for my fellow Greenorhea team mates to grumble about accepting last week's loss wether we were playing at our best or not!) My apologies for the confusion everyone, have a good season!


Freedom of the press

This web space, kindly provided by WAKA and lackadaisically maintained by the Dogtown Web Collective & Brain Trust (that would be Chris Hutchings) is the center of our demanding information distribution process. Everything we know and wish to share with you, the ever truth-seeking WAKA kickballer, is digitally logged for your examination, pontification and amusement (bemusement?).

But this site is so much better when it's filled to server capacity with that sultry harlot known as content. Chris' noble attempts at bending the odd three syllable word around a dangling participle rarely bears much food for thought once the after dinner mints have been polished off... and his literary allusions hecka suck.

So much happens in a single week of kickball that we could fill almost TWENTY KILOBYTES of text each week! But alas, with family, work and that beer quota he has to fill each waking hour, Chris doesn't have much time to squeeze entertaining stuff into the page after updating scores and key kickball news.

So that's why we're calling on you. You the average kickball player. The one that's on the field and sees a teammate catch an infield fly and turns it into a double play. We want to hear from you. We want to know how your game went. We want to know how cold the beer was after your game. We want to know why your team is going to downright SCHOOL the rest of the division. We'll even post your stupid jokes about naughty parrots and their titillating and candid observations about infidelity.

People in the division want to hear from you. Chris started doing this because he was unpopular. But now he has brokered this web gig into an opportunity to take abuse from Pat Sattler about how he wrote "February 22th" again. (At least somebody talks to him now.) Developing content for the division is fun and we all like to see regular features. Here's a few ideas to get your brains churning: Weekly prognostications, game recaps, kicking/fielding advice, a personals or classified section, photo of the week, home-made comics, team bios, featured player bios, editorials on kickball, stat crunchers... whatever! We want it. It doesn't need to be long. Just whip up a simple email now and then and whip it off to Chris for inclusion. Take pictures, draw pictures, include pictures with some text. If you want to post something regularly and want a fancy graphic, we'll make one for you. We want you to be our friend too.

So get cracking out there. Let's make the web site something better than a place to just check the standings. If you have submissions or questions, contact the webmonkey and include "Dogtown Press" in the header of your email.


Registration Now Closed

Registration is closed and the teams are locked in. If you missed the deadline, check back with us in a couple months when we fire up the Dogtown '06 Spring Season. Thanks to everyone who registered and a hearty welcome to all our new players! Play ball!


Next Game Night: Mar 8th, 2006 @ 7:00pm

Game 13- 7pm field1:

Pregnt Cheerldrs @ RustyTs
(ump: WW & McCool)

Game 14- 8pm Feld1:

Wstsde Whakrs @ McCool Town
(ump: Pregs&Rusty)

Game 15- 8pm field2:

TurtleWrnglrs @ Ace of Base
(ump: Green & Tang)

Game 16- 9pm field1:

Greenorhea @ Tang
(ump: Ace & Turtle)




Oakwood Recreation Center - Diamond 1/2

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  • Game times on Field 1: 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm; Field 2: 8:00pm
  • RAIN DELAYS: Make up games are hard to squeeze in. Rain delay decisions are made at the field. Don't assume we've called the day off. Drop by the field at the scheduled time. If we cancel, we'll head to the bar early for flip-cup!

Division Bar - It's official!

Our WAKA Division Bar, Brennan's of Marina Del Rey, is even more important than our home field. It's the heart and center of the division's social aspect. The field is a place for team solidarity, but the division bar is where you learn that the people in the other dugout are just as good-natured and fun loving as yourselves!

If that doesn't sell you on it, then how about happy hour deals for WAKA players all night, every game night!? In addition to their $2.50 burgers (2 for 1 pricing), we also get $2.50 domestic tap beers (Bud & Bud Light)! What other bar can you drop $10 and get 3 beers and a burger? Nowhere, that's where.

So make an effort to come out after every game and let the division know that there's no ill-feelings. What happens on the field, stays on the field. What happens at the division bar are the memories we keep for many seasons to come!

Brennan's has welcomed us with open arms! We have a new home for the post-game Dogtown celebrations and libations! Once you're done with your game or cheering on other team favorites, get those cleats on over to Brennan's for some food and drink. They have a wide selection of games and live music as well as a large patio where they host turtle races every Thursday night! If nothing else, come by for a game of flip-cup and reclaim any tarnished glory you may have lost on the field by displaying your finely honed drinking-dexterity. We'll see you there!

Map With Driving Directions


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