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Tip Of The Week

Winter field grass and mud is dangerous for basic tennis shoes. Do your ankle a favor and invest in some softball or soccer cleats. They need to be rubber cleats, not metal. For $20-35, your ankles will thank you for thinking of them!

You ain't seen nothin' yet!

by Chris Hutchings

It was a big first week for Dogtown kickball! Close games, big scores, forfeits, new faces, old timers and guys with cute little tiaras. If this past week is a taste of of the season's buffet, we are eatin' good, as they say, in the neighborhood.

The champion aces-of-the-bases still have some good fielding as evidenced in their warm-up.

What couldn't be more appropriate than to open the winter season with a rematch of last season's championship teams? That's right, returning veteran teams Ace Of Base and the Westside Whackers showed up in style. 'Base was out to reclaim their throne and the Whackers had their sights on taking back what they felt was rightfully theirs. The first three innings were tight. Both teams confidently posted three runs by the third inning stretch and it looked like the grudge match would end in an ambiguous tie. But in the top of the fourth, the game broke open like a piniata and two giant runs spilled out off a deep-field Ace crush. The wind was up and the night was chilled, the ball got bobbled by the Whacker outfield. Strong Ace fielding shut down the Whacker offense and history repeated itself. Ace Of Base 5, Whackers 3.

As the eight o'clock hour ticked over, Dogtown had it's first multi-game showing. Dramatic proof that our little division is blossoming in the warm Cali climate. The first 'Game In The Grass' was what was expected to be a vet Pregnant Cheerleader team showing the inaugural McCool Town JV Knockers what World Adult Kickball is all about... but it turns out McCool had already downloaded that memo and filed it with their TPS reports. The Cheerleaders-In-A-Family-Way did win the game, but by a much narrower margin than our imaginary prognosticators could have ever predicted. In what would turn out to be the closest game of the night, Cheerleaders won it 2 to 1.

For those teams looking to get the inside scoop on how this field will change the game, all-star Preggo catcher Dustin had this to say, "It's more work for the catcher. All those pop-ups that bang off the cage over home on the softball field are suddenly playable on this one." There you have it. Just one of the many adventures you have to look forward to out there in the deep rough.

The other eight o'clock game was ALMOST the sophomore vet team, Greenorhea against the plucky new Turtle Wranglers. I say "almost" because the Wranglers were short... get this, they were short a GUY. You heard it here folks. But these hitches are to be expected in a new team that's been assembled from far and wide and expansion's always full of its little bumps. Forfeits happen and the Wranglers accepted it graciously. Details about the honor game will be withheld to spare the faint of heart, but it's more than fair to say the Turtles, true to their namesake, put up a sturdy comeback towards the end of the race. Unfortunately, Greenorhea had scored so many points already, everyone lost track of how many the Wranglers needed to catch up. Greenies win by forfeit.

Then there was the last game of the night that STILL has co-workers scratching their heads around the ol' water cooler. Tang arrived in the usual regalia of mismatched head-dress and citrus team colors to take on the charity game 'ported WAKA team, the Rusty Trombones. The first inning played out like it was scripted. Tang's always potent offense were out of the gates with four easy runs in the top of the first and they settled in for a casual rout. The bottom of the first came and went with three quick outs.

But then something happened. The on-lookers that held off on bar revelry to watch the game would later comment that the winds had changed. The field stirred up and with it, the Trombone offense. After holding Tang to their four runs in the top of two, they started to find some holes in their defense in the bottom (that's a Rusty Trombone allusion). Three Rusty runs came in and Tang knuckled down. They weren't worried, Zubin's curve still looked as nasty as ever, they were still getting on base... but over the next couple innings they found that despite heads-up base-running and a tight infield defense, they couldn't get any more runs across and the Trombones were finding the gaps. The 'Bones offense broke open in the fourth and when the dust settled, they had lapped Tang's runs, 8-4. Despite their best efforts, Tang couldn't close any on the deficit in the fifth and the Trombones exploded onto the Dogtown scene with a dramatic upset.

Congrats to the winning teams and a hearty good luck to all the second and third place teams in the ranks. It's only an eighth of the way through the season, it's still WIDE open (Remember: Every team makes the playoffs!). Thanks to everyone for coming out. Keep in touch with your captains and we hope to see you all out there next week!


Freedom of the press

This web space, kindly provided by WAKA and lackadaisically maintained by the Dogtown Web Collective & Brain Trust (that would be Chris Hutchings) is the center of our demanding information distribution process. Everything we know and wish to share with you, the ever truth-seeking WAKA kickballer, is digitally logged for your examination, pontification and amusement (bemusement?).

But this site is so much better when it's filled to server capacity with that sultry harlot known as content. Chris' noble attempts at bending the odd three syllable word around a dangling participle rarely bears much food for thought once the after dinner mints have been polished off... and his literary allusions hecka suck.

So much happens in a single week of kickball that we could fill almost TWENTY KILOBYTES of text each week! But alas, with family, work and that beer quota he has to fill each waking hour, Chris doesn't have much time to squeeze entertaining stuff into the page after updating scores and key kickball news.

So that's why we're calling on you. You the average kickball player. The one that's on the field and sees a teammate catch an infield fly and turns it into a double play. We want to hear from you. We want to know how your game went. We want to know how cold the beer was after your game. We want to know why your team is going to downright SCHOOL the rest of the division. We'll even post your stupid jokes about naughty parrots and their titillating and candid observations about infidelity.

People in the division want to hear from you. Chris started doing this because he was unpopular. But now he has brokered this web gig into an opportunity to take abuse from Pat Sattler about how he wrote "February 22th" again. (At least somebody talks to him now.) Developing content for the division is fun and we all like to see regular features. Here's a few ideas to get your brains churning: Weekly prognostications, game recaps, kicking/fielding advice, a personals or classified section, photo of the week, home-made comics, team bios, featured player bios, editorials on kickball, stat crunchers... whatever! We want it. It doesn't need to be long. Just whip up a simple email now and then and whip it off to Chris for inclusion. Take pictures, draw pictures, include pictures with some text. If you want to post something regularly and want a fancy graphic, we'll make one for you. We want you to be our friend too.

So get cracking out there. Let's make the web site something better than a place to just check the standings. If you have submissions or questions, contact the webmonkey and include "Dogtown Press" in the header of your email.


Registration. . . EXTENDED!!!

Due to overwhelmingly great demand for playing the sport of kings, we are going to be extending registration until midnight on Feb. 22nd. That is the night of the 2nd week of the season. We make NO guarantees that people will be on teams with their friends, but we are willing to accept bribes. The team captains can also be bought off to accept extra people. We accept any form of cash, alcohol, diet coke, alcohol, or cash.

If you're new and you haven't made it out yet, have no fear! Get in touch with your captains or other team mates. Worst case scenario, glance over the rules. If you have any questions, we'll answer them at the game next Wednesday. Ignorance of the rules won't get you any free passes!

This season's games will be played on Wednesday nights (please note the change) at our beloved Oakwood Rec Center. Game times start at 7:00pm.

The registration process begins at MyWAKA. Remember, you need to be signed up and paid up before you can play in the regular season! Good luck! We'll see all our returning players and all our new faces on the field mid February!


new season, new division Board! Join up!

A hearty congratulations and thanks to our EVEN NEWER Division President for the 2006 Winter Season,Carey Melton! Pat Sattler has been promoted into the official WAKA ranks as a region representative and has left a power vacuum. Carey, a long time kickball veteran and last season's captain of the Westside Whackers has decided to take up the banner and lead our fledgling division into WAKA glory.

In addition, we've filled some key roles on our division board, but we're never short on committee roles to delegate out. So if you have any quirky people skills, organizational acumen, media contacts, or even just know some dang fine venues to party at, we're looking for you!

Once you've registered, do yourself and the division a favor and shoot us an email to volunteer for a Division Board Position. Board members help shape everything in the division from our division bar to the parties, to the rules, field, equipment and charity. If you think you have an idea to make this sport better for everyone, then you're already over-qualified for a spot!

Our inaugural season was a smashing success and we're ready for another that's even greater. So pitch in a few hours a month and join us at the division board meetings. You'll be glad you did.


Next Game Night: Mar 1st, 2006 @ 7:00pm

Game 9- 7pm field1:

Ace of Base @ Pregnt Cheerldrs
(ump: McCool & Green)

Game 10- 8pm Feld1:

McCool Town @ Greenorhea
(ump: Pregs& Ace)

Game 11- 8pm field2:

Tang @ TurtleWrnglrs
(ump: Trmbns & Whack)

Game 12- 9pm field1:

RstyTrombns @ Wstsde Whakrs
(ump: Tang & Turtle)




Oakwood Recreation Center - Diamond 1/2

  • Map
  • Game times on Field 1: 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm; Field 2: 8:00pm
  • RAIN DELAYS: Make up games are hard to squeeze in. Rain delay decisions are made at the field. Don't assume we've called the day off. Drop by the field at the scheduled time. If we cancel, we'll head to the bar early for flip-cup!

Division Bar - It's official!

Our WAKA Division Bar, Brennan's of Marina Del Rey, is even more important than our home field. It's the heart and center of the division's social aspect. The field is a place for team solidarity, but the division bar is where you learn that the people in the other dugout are just as good-natured and fun loving as yourselves!

So make an effort to come out after every game and let the division know that there's no ill-feelings. What happens on the field, stays on the field. What happens at the division bar are the memories we keep for many seasons to come!

Brennan's has welcomed us with open arms! We have a new home for the post-game Dogtown celebrations and libations! Once you're done with your game or cheering on other team favorites, get those cleats on over to Brennan's for some food and drink. They have a wide selection of games and live music as well as a large patio where they host turtle races every Thursday night! If nothing else, come by for a game of flip-cup and reclaim any tarnished glory you may have lost on the field by displaying your finely honed drinking-dexterity. We'll see you there!

Map With Driving Directions


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