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The Schedule is posted. . .

Believe it or not, we're almost there. Registration has got to the point where Dogtown is now home to EIGHT teams! That's almost twice the number of teams as last season. Registration is still open for a short time, but the teams are locked in. This season's schedule has been posted. PLEASE check this schedule regularly for the next couple weeks because it is subject to change. Never assume the schedule you printed in the first week is the same for the rest of the season.

Preggos pitcher Pat poses in pilfered push cart! Kickball is neat!

Due to our sudden population boom in the seaside kickball arena, there's going to be some changes from last season. First of all, there's going to be a whopping four games each night. Three games will be played on the same softball diamond as the fall season. The first game will start at 7:00pm, the next at 8:00pm and the last at 9:00pm. Lights will shut off at 10:30pm, so it's crucial that games run on time. Forfeits will be issued to understaffed teams (at least 8 players on the field with at least 4 guys and 4 girls) 15 minutes after the scheduled game start time - no exceptions! So if your team is scheduled to start at 7:00pm and you only have 3 girls on the field at 7:15pm, your team forfeits. The game will be played, but will not count towards rankings.

Next, we have a new field (of sorts). Since the further field is lacking in lumens (that's 'light' in layman's terms), we're going to have the second field on the grass in the middle of the park where light is better. If you've been to any of the practice weeks, you'll know where we're talking about. This is referred to as "field 2" on the schedule and there will be one game each week played on that field. It will start at 8:00pm and will play consecutively with the 8:00pm game on the diamond. Though this situation may change as field improvements allow, we encourage everyone to embrace the grass field. Most WAKA divisions don't play with the luxury of softball diamonds. Think of it as warm-ups for regionals.

And lastly, the system for umping. If you're new to WAKA, you may not know that this sport is self-officiated. Players from every team make up our ump corps. They way it works is this (now pay attention): one player from each team that plays in the 7:00pm field 1 game will ump for the 8:00pm field 1 game and vice-versa. Also, one player from each team that plays in the 8:00pm field 2 game will ump for the 9:00pm field 1 game and vice-versa. Failure to provide an umpire in your scheduled game within the same 15 minute grace period will result in a forfeit. So if your team is supposed to have an ump at the 7:00pm game, they have to be there by 7:15pm or you forfeit your game for that week. (Even if you already played that night and won your game!)

If you have any questions feel free to email us. You can also click the "schedule and standings" link above to take you right down to next week's schedule. (We usually update this in a timely manner.) Safest thing is to have a few palyers from your team comitted to showing up at the fields at 7:00pm to cheer on games anyway. That way there's always someone to draft as an ump. Even an unqualified ump that's there at the right time can save your team a forfeit! But there's no reason to be unqualified... get familiar with the rules and you're always ready.

Now, even though we throw the word "forfeit" around a lot, don't worry too much about it. During the regular season, it's not that big a deal because (and remember this well) EVERY TEAM MAKES THE PLAYOFFS. So please, go easy on our volunteer umps when they forfeit your team or make a bad call. The only games that REALLY matter are the playoffs... and there are no regionals for Winter... so just have a good time. See you all Wednesday! Good luck this season!


Registration. . . EXTENDED!!!

Due to overwhelmingly great demand for playing the sport of kings, we are going to be extending registration until midnight on Feb. 22nd. That is the night of the 2nd week of the season. I make NO guarantees that people will be on teams with their friends, but am willing to accept bribes. The team captains can also be bought off to accept extra people. We accept any form of cash, alcohol, diet coke, alcohol, or cash.

Thanks to everyone that came out Wednesday night for the last week of warm-ups! Teams will be finalized by the weekend and we'll have a schedule up Monday night at the latest. Be sure to check us out here to make sure your team knows their game time. Don't start the season with a forfeit!

If you're new and you haven't made it out yet, have no fear! Get in touch with your captains or other team mates. Worst case scenario, glance over the rules. If you have any questions, we'll answer them at the game next Wednesday. Ignorance of the rules won't get you any free passes!

This season's games will be played on Wednesday nights (please note the change) at our beloved Oakwood Rec Center. Game times are still TBD. They will depend on registration numbers. They usually start between 7pm and 8pm. Pick up games will begin February 1st and the season will officially start February 15th. So you will be well clear of the holiday crunch when games start up.

The registration process begins at MyWAKA. Remember, you need to be signed up and paid up before you can play in the regular season! Good luck! We'll see all our returning players and all our new faces on the field mid February!


new season, new division Board! Join up!

A hearty congratulations and thanks to our EVEN NEWER Division President for the 2006 Winter Season,Carey Melton! Pat Sattler has been promoted into the official WAKA ranks as a region representative and has left a power vacuum. Carey, a long time kickball veteran and last season's captain of the Westside Whackers has decided to take up the banner and lead our fledgling division into WAKA glory.

In addition, we've filled some key roles on our division board, but we're never short on committee roles to delegate out. So if you have any quirky people skills, organizational acumen, media contacts, or even just know some dang fine venues to party at, we're looking for you!

Once you've registered, do yourself and the division a favor and shoot us an email to volunteer for a Division Board Position. Board members help shape everything in the division from our division bar to the parties, to the rules, field, equipment and charity. If you think you have an idea to make this sport better for everyone, then you're already over-qualified for a spot!

Our inaugural season was a smashing success and we're ready for another that's even greater. So pitch in a few hours a month and join us at the division board meetings. You'll be glad you did.


Next Game Night: Feb 22th, 2006 @ 7:00pm

Game 1 - 7pm field1:

Pregnt Cheerldrs @ Tang
(ump: Rusty & Ace)

Game 2- 8pm Feld1:

RstyTrombns @ Ace of Base
(ump: Pregs& Tang)

Game 3- 8pm field2:

Wstsde Whakrs @ Greenorhea
(ump: Trtle & McCool)

Game 4- 9pm field1:

TurtleWrnglrs @ McCool Town
(ump: WWhack & Green)




Oakwood Recreation Center - Diamond 1/2

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  • Game times on Field 1: 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm; Field 2: 8:00pm

Division Bar - We're on the hunt!

WAKA kickball has no beer bias. We accept all brews.

Our WAKA Division Bar is even more important than our home field. It's the heart and center of the division's social aspect. The field is a place for team solidarity, but the division bar is where you learn that the people in the other dugout are just as good-natured and fun loving as yourselves!

So make an effort to come out after every game and let the division know that there's no ill-feelings. What happens on the field, stays on the field. What happens at the division bar are the memories we keep for many seasons to come!

We're on the hunt for a new division bar! If you have suggestions, get involved with the new Board and help us put together a great Sophomore Season!


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